Master Shoulder-Pressing Pose: A Comprehensive Guide to Bhujapidasana

Do you think arm balances are out of your reach? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The Shoulder-Pressing Pose, or Bhujapidasana, is a stepping stone to more advanced poses. Discover how it can bring new strength and balance to your practice.

What is Shoulder-Pressing Pose?

Shoulder-Pressing Pose is an accessible arm balance that emphasizes precision over raw strength. Suitable for yoga students at varying levels, it serves as a foundational step towards advanced arm balances.

Benefits of Bhujapidasana:

This pose isn't just for show. It strengthens your arms and wrists while toning your belly. Plus, it’s a great balance booster.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start in a squat position with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lean your torso forward between your thighs and lift your hips.
  3. Place your arms under your thighs and hands beside your feet.
  4. Shift your weight onto your hands, lifting your feet off the ground.
  5. Cross your ankles and hold for 30 seconds before releasing.

Tips and Safety Measures:

Avoid this pose if you have shoulder, elbow, wrist, or low back injuries. Always be cautious and pay attention to your body's signals.

Bonus Information:

The Sanskrit name, Bhujapidasana, essentially signifies the foundational essence of this arm-balancing pose.


Shoulder-Pressing Pose is more than just a fun exercise; it's a testament to what your body can achieve with focused practice. Remember to consult a healthcare provider before trying new poses, especially if you have existing injuries.

Looking for more challenges? Stay tuned for our upcoming advanced yoga guides!

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