Unlock the Mysteries of Mayurasana: The Complete Guide to Peacock Pose

Dive deep into the ancient and challenging world of Peacock Pose, also known as Mayurasana. Uncover its history, key benefits, and get top-notch advice for perfecting this yoga pose.

The Lore Behind Mayurasana

Long revered in Hindu mythology, the Peacock embodies qualities like love and patience. The Peacock Pose, in Sanskrit called Mayurasana, is more than just a showy display; it's a gateway to these virtues.

What to Expect

Mayurasana looks beautiful but is challenging to perform. While some find it easy, most will need consistent practice to master the pose due to its demands on core, arm, and wrist strength.

A Pose Steeped in History

The Peacock Pose dates back over 500 years and is cited in the classical text, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It's more than just a modern trend; it's an ancient practice revered for its healing properties.

The Myth of Kalakuta

Hindu legends attribute remarkable abilities to the Peacock, including digesting venom! While the pose won't grant you that power, it activates the TK chakra, helping you dispel toxic thoughts and influences.

Pose Basics

Pose Type:
Targets: Core, chest, arms, thighs, and back of the wrists
Benefits: Strengthens core and limbs, stretches the wrists, and counteracts the effects of typing.

How to Start

Begin standing in Mountain Pose. Elbows and wrists should come together, tucked into the rib cage. Flex your toes to get the feel of the pose before attempting it on the mat.

Tips for Beginners

Use aids like blocks and wall support to ease into the pose. For women, positioning the elbows can be tricky due to anatomical differences, so take time to find a comfortable placement.

Teacher Tips

If students can perform the Lotus Pose, they may find Peacock easier with the Lotus leg position. If students struggle to lift their legs, instruct them to focus their gaze forward rather than down.

Discover the transformative power of Mayurasana today and start your journey towards mastering this ancient and challenging pose.

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